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Automotive Colour & Trim Display Systems

kms is the market leader in producing high quality colour and trim display systems for the motor industry, providing customers with fresh, stylish and user-friendly colour display solutions for showroom environments. We also design and produce bespoke display solutions for special projects such as the introduction of a new model or range.

The ideal colour and trim display system should not only be a useful sales aid, but also enhance the customer's experience of buying a new vehicle.

Here at kms we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach, and operate a dedicated colour and trim helpline available to all our client's dealerships - handled by well-informed and knowledgeable staff. We also offer project management services for updates and replacements where required.

We specialise in creating colour and trim samples using the same materials as used in the vehicles themselves. We obtain raw materials for trim samples from the same companies supplying them for the vehicle manufacturers, and we use actual automotive paint for our colour samples (not ink or lacquer). This ensures that your customers have accurate, realistic representations of their choices.

Always looking for creative ways to display colour and trim, we work to client specific needs on a project by project basis. We find the best ways to realize clients requirements, either working to their own concept ideas or designing them ourselves from the ground upwards. Alternatively, we can adapt current systems or utilise one of our existing display models when a more cost effective solution is appropriate.