About Us

Established in 1989, kms began life specialising in research to establish what customers felt about their experiences when buying new or used cars, and also what they thought about the after sales services involved, including crash repair.

It quickly became apparent that the main customer concern was the lack of clear display of basic information i.e. running costs, servicing intervals and billing, how trim levels varied etc. It also became apparent that the pricing and information displays available at the time were incapable of delivering customer needs without dealers incurring large costs and time consuming development periods. As a result kms began to develop our own range of unique solutions to rectify this problem.

The result today is a portfolio of unique and practical solutions covering the core dealer requirements concerning:

  • Colour and trim display systems
  • Service department menu pricing systems
  • Car Showroom point of sale
  • Used car point of sale
  • Specification sheet holders
  • Flags and poles
  • Banners
  • Windscreen display stickers
  • Windscreen price hangers
  • Disabled parking permit holders
  • Standard parking permit holders
  • Totems
  • Number plate covers
  • Sidelites
  • Environmental and emissions info
  • Price display systems
  • Workshops control sheet holders
  • License holders

In addition to the above we also produce bespoke display solutions on an as needed basis to address the specific requirements of individual clients.

Over the years more than 50 motor manufacturers have taken advantage of our unique products and services, together with some of the biggest finance houses, car body repairers and high street retail organisations.

kms provide a flexible service, capable of dealing with projects ranging from small design pieces up to comprehensive display systems used on a global basis. Our service is based upon many years of experience and we are the market leaders in utilising new plastics and paint technologies in our products, ensuring that they offer the highest possible mix of quality and environmental responsibility.

kms products are used extensively throughout the UK, increasingly throughout Europe, the USA and emerging Eastern / Asian markets.