Tri-lite from KMS

Tri-lite Triangular Display Totem

The Tri-lite is a lightweight, triangular display totem best suited to indoor use, but can also be used outside on a temporary basis. Two standard sizes, 1m x 0.25m per face or 2m x 0.5m per face with a choice of wood, MDF or acrylic frames to suit your cost/application requirements.

Each totem features a fabric 'tube' stretched over a variable geometry frame, thereby minimising the use of plastic and making update costs about as low as you can get, by simply replacing the fabric tube.

Each totem can be illuminated, if required.

Costs vary by size and the volume produced, however, 1.0m versions can be less then £100 ea. and 2.0m versions can be less than £200 ea. with update cost for each size below £25 ea.

Please contact us for more information.